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The Hampstead Dyslexia Clinic is a family run organisation that was founded by Renee Lawton-Browne  thirty years ago this year! Renee’s daughter, Delia Gascoigne, together with her husband, Seth Gascoigne (a member of PATOSS), are both qualified Specialist Teachers and Specialist Assessors and they continue Renee's pioneering work with a dedicated team of specialists in the field.

Offering you top support and dyslexia testing in London

The Hampstead Dyslexia Clinic has a charitable arm to provide support towards tuition costs.


If you would like to make a donation, financial, or asset, (e.g. old laptops) call us today. HDC charitable trust fund charity no: 1058848

What we offer you

We provide 'in school' and private dyslexia testing assessments that identify dyslexia, as well as other difficulties, learning styles, learning strengths and weaknesses.  We offer diagnostic assessments, educational psychologist assessments and clinical psychologist assessments.


We provide tuition and advice to students, parents and schools. We also tutor for Common Entrance, 11+ exams, GCSE English and GCSE Maths. Small group revision and study skills are also offered.


We offer tailored handwriting programmes, as well as fun touch-typing courses with a focus on accuracy.


We are happy to liaise with schools and advise on 'dyslexia friendly' classrooms. We are also happy to advise parents on suitable schools.


Our summer highlight is our week-long, all day summer camp for children aged 8 to 14. Multi-sensory, hands on teaching techniques provide an opportunity for children to feel motivated and enthused about learning. An exciting theme is explored throughout the week and small group and one to one literacy tuition builds writing confidence and self-esteem.

We specialise in the assessment and tuition of specific learning difficulties in

English and maths

What we do:

• Educational psychologist  assessments

• Clinical psychologist  assessments

• Access arrangements

• Full diagnostic assessments

• Dyslexia tuition - English and   maths

• GCSE preparation & study skills

• Handwriting & touch typing

• Summer camps

• Therapeutic counselling

"My daughter spent 2 years at HDC. When she arrived she had very little confidence and had been convinced by the schooling system that she was 'stupid'. Once Delia started working with her, her creative ability in writing and actually my daughters unknown love of words started to emerge.


Delia used current interesting newspaper articles that are relevant to teenage life to engage my daughter in the text and then do the 'work' required.


They planned movie outings based on books and go beyond what is normally offered by most tutors today. When problems have arisen at school I have been able to call on the centre to support Anna, discuss what happened and as a parent gained much needed support for myself too.


In this rather confusing world of education when you have a dyslexic child this place is a gem".


- Mother to Anna (aged 14)

What a Gem...

Graphic of 2 children

HDC Summer Camp 2016!

Created by Summer Camp Work Experience student and former pupil of Seth and Delia, Bella!

Only 6 places remaining on our touch typing courses over the Easter break!


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