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We are extremely proud of our ex student Ashley Jacobs who recently finished a film degree at Westminster College! He was taught by Renee Lawton-Browne, founder of the Clinic and pioneer in getting those with dyslexia identified and taught in a way in which they could access the curriculum. Both Seth and Delia (who now run the Clinic) are featured in this video. We hope you enjoy this and see, as we do, how wonderful our dyslexics are in their different way of thinking!


Please leave a comment to inspire Ashley in his documentary making career.

What is dyslexia?

" I went into your web-site and read the biography of your late mother Renee. I was interested to read of her Jewish ancestry.


I send you blessings. May you continue the work that Renee started and continue helping kids and adults overcome their difficulties."


- Fay Morris

May her memory be for a blessing...

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