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Dyslexia assessments and specialist tuition

Our tuition and dyslexia assessments cater to individual students and schools in London. We understand every student is different, and that is why we pride ourselves in offering one to one tuition to suit the child's specific learning styles.

Assessments we offer

Full Diagnostic Assessments

• Recommended for children from 7 to 15

• Screens for dyslexia and specific learning difficulties

• Identifies learning strengths and weaknesses

• A detailed report provides recommendations for both school and parents

• We are happy to talk with class teachers and specialists in order to ensure that accommodations and modifications suggested in the report are effectively implemented and followed through


Clinical and Educational Psychologist Assessments

• Suitable for any age group – 3 years of age to adults

• Used for statements for Special Educational Needs

• A discussion of findings and report follows this assessment

• Fast track reports are offered

• Assessments can be administered at the clinic or at your home

• Access arrangements (needed for special arrangements in exams)

Specialist tuition for you


• Our team in London provide one to one tuition and small study groups

• Maths, English, Common Entrance GCSE's, study & revision skills, 'Life skills'

• Handwriting and touch-typing

• Tuition sessions are usually for an hour or an hour and a half, once, or twice weekly


Teaching methods

• We provide fun lessons that foster a love for learning

• In English we primarily use the Alpha to Omega system of teaching

• Our multi-sensory teaching system uses visual, oral, tactile and kinaesthetic strategies to incorporate all learning styles

• We use both specialist computer programmes, combined with teaching strategies which we have gained from our 37 years of experience in this field

• In Maths we use the Addacus, ABC of Numbers or Stern's Structural Arithmetic System

• We offer multi-sensory teaching techniques, blocks, number squares and number lines, as well as specialist computer programmes

Motivating you to stay positive and reach your potential.

If you are in Barnet, Finchley, Highgate, Hampstead, Stanmore, Totteridge, Borehamwood or East London

call us on

020 8346 3518

Learning catered to your needs at

Hampstead Dyslexia Clinic

"Grappling with Maths can be a struggle but Seth truly understands how to lift the cloud by blending creative and practical methods of explanation, which work for my child's needs. His sessions are lively and his skilful delivery of clear and fun explanations means that my daughter is now comprehending things she previously found tricky. My daughter is encouraged to write down the main points covered in the lesson in a colourful way and so as a parent you can quickly see what has been covered, and it is easy for my daughter to review. As well as providing quality teaching and expertise, Hampstead Dyslexic Clinic is outstandingly caring, supportive, and a positive experience. There may be a waiting list so I would advise getting in touch as soon as you think you need a specialist tutor. "


Ms. Lim

November 2017

Maths made fun, facts made memorable, an engaging experience for my child.

Child undergoing tuition

"It's been only a week since my daughter's assessment and as expected she was diagnosed and had a lovely time throughout the assessment morning. What we didn't expect was the positive effect it has had on her self esteem. This is only because of the way Delia and Seth explained Dyslexia to her and now she has a catch phrase 'My brain sees things differently!'. We can't thank you both enough! "


Ms. Phillips

December 2017

My brain sees things differently! We can't thank you both enough!