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The Hampstead Dyslexia Clinic is a family run organisation that was founded by Renee Lawton-Browne thirty eight years ago this year! Renee’s daughter, Delia Gascoigne, together with her husband, Seth Gascoigne (a member of PATOSS), are both qualified Specialist Teachers and Specialist Assessors and they continue Renee's pioneering work with a dedicated team of fourteen specialist teachers in the field.

Offering you top support and dyslexia testing in London

What we offer you

HDC provide 'in school' and private dyslexia testing assessments that identify dyslexia, as well as other difficulties, learning styles, learning strengths and weaknesses. We offer Full Diagnostic Assessments, Educational Psychologist Assessments and Clinical Psychologist Assessments. GCSE and A-level Access Arrangements for extra time in exams are also offered at school and privately.


Tuition and advice is offered to students, parents and schools. Our highly qualified specialist teachers tutor children from ages 7 through to GCSE and A-level English and Maths and Science tuition is also available.


We offer tailored handwriting courses which are fun and multi-sensory. We also offer motivational touch-typing courses with a focus on accuracy.

We specialise in the assessment and tuition of specific learning difficulties in

English and Maths across North London

  • Full Diagnostic Assessments

  • GCSE & A-level Access Arrangements

  • Educational Psychologist Assessments

  • Clinical Psychologist Assessments

  • Dyslexia Tuition in English and Maths

  • Science Tuition

  • GCSE & A-level Preparation & Study Skills

  • Touch Typing Courses (privately or in-school)

  • Handwriting Courses

  • Summer Camp

"My daughter spent 2 years at HDC. When she arrived she had very little confidence and had been convinced by the schooling system that she was 'stupid'. Once Delia started working with her, her creative ability in writing and actually my daughters unknown love of words started to emerge.


Delia used current interesting newspaper articles that are relevant to teenage life to engage my daughter in the text and then do the 'work' required.


They planned movie outings based on books and go beyond what is normally offered by most tutors today. When problems have arisen at school I have been able to call on the centre to support Anna, discuss what happened and as a parent gained much needed support for myself too.


In this rather confusing world of education when you have a dyslexic child this place is a gem".


Mrs. Lawton

January 2016

What a Gem...

Graphic of 2 children


What we do

This was created by 13 year old Eden, who is an amazing mentor on all of our touch typing courses and is able to demonstrate that typing without looking at the keys is indeed possible!

Experienced in their field and get the best out of your child with their positive energy!

"The Hampstead Dyslexia Clinic have been fantastic for my son. From their assessment of his Dyslexia, their specialist teachers, excellent and fun touch typing courses and their summer camp that reinforces a positive perspective for a dyslexic child. They are always available for parents to get direction and advice when needed. I highly recommend them for all your child’s dyslexic needs! "

Ms. Lynn


Summer Intensive Touch  Typing courses available. Limited places!

Call now for more details!